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3 easy steps to immediate profit increase, access to cash and less stress – guaranteed.

1. Free business review and diagnostic by an informed CFO to improve your profit instantly , unlock cash  and develop your 90 day action plan to;

2. Release your pain points and reap additional benefits and $-savings by using right tools and apply identified system improvement immediately. (Future proof your profit and cash flow).

3. Significantly prime your business for growth and maximise the selling value of your business through high-caliber coaching, free MAUS* system & software and proven methodology – guaranteed.

All by the hands of a high-caliber CFO/Financial Controller at the price of a junior!

Here is your example of a taylor made financial management report for you.

Have you ever experienced being presented with a cool report like this, yet feel overwhelmed? – no problem – you will soon be a master of un-earthing the truth hidden in the numbers – easy.

* Zentapon is an accredited partner in the MAUS international consulting and coaching network



Do you often feel you are not really sure what your breakeven is. Do you feel you apply time and effort based on logic and good advice but you never really reap the benefit you should. You feel cash management is a constant battle and your budgets and forecast never reflects what actually happens. Do you feel frustrated that you do not really know what cash and profit you have in a week or month. Do you know how much staff you can afford and best apply them?

What if we improved your profit and cash immediately by applying an interim CFO for you? What if we could apply an award winning structure to improve your business guaranteed? Well we can!

What is a CFO I hear you ask?

What does a CFO do?

A CFO is responsible for overseeing a company’s financial activities and operations. This includes helping your business address short-term needs and day-to-day analysis — think establishing performance measures and understanding the drivers of cash flow — in addition to long-term ones, such as assessing financial risks and opportunities. As a strategic partner and advisor, the role of a CFO is to keep a company on solid footing and moving forward.  Most of their time is spent working with you to improve operations, increase revenue and increase cash flow.

Who needs CFO services?

At Zentapon, we believe that once businesses get to a certain size, there is a real need for a CFO. While we often provide CFO services for companies ranging from $2 million to $20 million in annual sales, we have partnered with smaller and larger businesses as well.

Engaging a professional firm that delivers CFO services can particularly benefit small and mid-sized businesses, which often see their financial situations become more complex as they grow. Many of these companies don’t have room on their payroll to hire a full-time CFO and lack the in-house financial experience they need to make informed strategic, long-term and day-to-day decisions.

Outsourcing the CFO function is a way to bring on much-needed financial expertise on a flexible and affordable basis.

What’s the difference between a CFO and an accountant?

Although many CFOs are accountants. Accountants are not CFOs.

Accountants tend to spend most of their time on accounting and the historical numbers for a business. A CFO plays a much bigger role in the broad business aspects than does an accounting.

While an accountant will usually spend 90% of their time on accounting and 10% on broader matter, with a CFO it is the opposite – 10% on accounting and 90% on business matters.


Do you want to improve

PROFIT from your SALES?
CASH flow from your PROFIT?
Priming your Business for Growth, Sale or..?
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Did you Know?

Succeeding in business is easy if everything goes your way. That is not always the case and at times it can feel the struggle is too much. It is ok in business to hope and more so to believe through passion. Add another ingredient of hard work – ‘we already do that’ i hear you say – and in that I believe. We want to harness that, we want you to work smart and we want you to reduce risk of failure and increase your probability of success. With that, you will be able to sustain a sandstorm and still stand tall, solid and wealthier in many ways, when the dust has settled.

I have added a selection of stuff below that will thrust you forward on your journey of fun and success. Lets embark!


What Does Zentapon Do?

What Does Zentapon Do?

I'm not usually a consultant, in that the work I do is not limited to advice. As a chartered accountant and former senior executive (CFO), I understand that sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty, rip open the books, find the problems, and fix them. But...

Why I Started Consulting For Free

Why I Started Consulting For Free

Far too many business owners are entering into strategic decisions based on assumptions not grounded in research or analysis. One of the challenges I often face when entering a new engagement are the assumptions that the business owner or senior management team have...

Know your Business' worth!
Put simply, your business worth is the value of your future cash flow.


calculate your business worth


You can do your business plan in 30 min.
Doing your business often takes days or weeks to write. With this you can do it all in 30 Min. I know. it’s too easy.



2. Business Plans Ebook Image






















Free CFO Business Review and free setup!
The secret formula for easy profit!

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How do we embark on our journey together?

We review your current numbers

  • Snap shot of your performance
  • Creating a Binocular view of your future
  • Conduct Financial Diagnostic to apply the cure

Together we maintain momentum by:

  • A continuum of improvements monthly
  • Profit thrusting improvements (one-off)

Together we make immidiate improvements

  • Apply instant changes to pickup cash gains (EASY!)
  • Preparing KPI targets, Budget, rolling forecasting
  • Drive you to that special goal of yours

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Why I Started Consulting For Free

Far too many business owners are entering into strategic decisions based on assumptions not grounded in research or analysis. One of the challenges I often face when entering a new engagement are the assumptions that the business owner or senior management team have...
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